IQAir AM GCX HealthPro Air Cleaner Review

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The IQAir AM GCX HealthPro air cleaner is one of the most innovative room air cleaners ever manufactured. It can be used in households for controlling allergens and in hospitals for preventing infections. It has just the perfect air purifying mechanism to provide the best possible air quality. The iqair healthpro delivered a performance so effective that it is now being used in administrative hospitals of various countries to prevent the transmission of viruses to the hospital workers and patients.

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IQAir HealthPro Air Cleaner Features & Specifications

An area of up to 1200 square feet is purified by the IQair air purifier. This air cleaner were specially designed for the control of ammonia, nitrogen amines and other ammonia-based scents and other particulate matter of low size. Various other GCX models are specialised in purifying the air off other impurities. Every healthpro air cleaner ensures that it arrests and holds at least 99.97% of all the particulate specks which are equivalent to or larger than 0.3 µ. The bits whose size is smaller than 0.3 µ are at least 99% captured.

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Each and every IQ Air HealthPro air purifier is certified before its release. It is equipped with the most potent fan of its class. Its advanced gas and odour removal helps in keeping the air free of unpleasant smell. We can set the air cleaner according to requirement with the help of a remote control. Its speed is equivalent to six fans and it comes with an incorporated timer inside it.

The Power consumed to run the IQ Air am gcx air cleaner is lower than the other air cleaners of the same price range. It’s sophisticated and neat European design is exquisite and ultra-quiet. It is manufactured in Switzerland and can be bought on with a five-year warranty at a price of $2199.00 where you can save $300. Amazon offers free shipping of this product with a shipping weight of 51 pounds.

IQAir AM GCX HealthPro Review

The IQ Air AM GCX HealthPro air cleaner received nearly 20 reviews on amazon and countless reviews on other websites all over the Internet. Each and every one of these reviews was positive with a lot of praise for its exclusive features. The average consumer rating of 5/5 shows that all customers who purchased this air cleaner were satisfied with its performance. One reviewer has written that he was relieved from chronic sinusitis he had all his life after regularly using this iqair air cleaner. Click here to read more reviews.

There were no negative reviews on this IQAir AM GCX air purifier due to its excellent performance. One user quoted that he thought it to be a bit expensive before purchasing, but during its usage for the last couple of years, he never felt the need to change any of the filters.

Based on all the user reviews available, you could absolutely be sure that the IQ air cleaner works just great. If you are seeking a good health free of infections, then the best choice you have is the IQ Air AM GCX HealthPro air cleaner. Click here to save $300 and get it delivered to your doorstep for free for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Sam April 22nd, 2012 (#)

Unless you have UVC light (and yes the alive-air does) you are not going to kill bacteria effectively. The IQAIR treated filter (and I own one) will capture some of the bacteria but this may only help keep the filter from growing bacteria (not the surrounding room). The same goes for mold HEPA will capture mold spores but will not kill mold in the room. If you could do it all with HEPA then no one would use UV light anymore.However the IQ is great for removing particles like dust and pollen.

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